Allowing any Location or Network Provider to Generate Ad Revenue from Mobile Devices and Television.

Generate Direct Revenue With Quality Broadcast Entertainment on any Device.

Technology is changing the way consumers access content, and consumers are using many different mediums compared to televisions and newspapers of yesteryear. Media sellers now have the ability to make guarantees on refined audiences, offering marketers the flexibility to tailor their strategies to identify their most valued consumers without sacrificing their broad reach objectives as enabled by age and gender.

The wealth of first- and third-party data, demographic data and buyer-specific insights is driving the evolution from audience-based planning to audience-based buying across internet connected user devices and the television ecosystem. Advertisers want to reach more specific audiences across all screens, and networks want to deliver on those targets.

We enable each advertiser to bring its own definition of its intended consumer. Audience-based buying now empowers those media buyers to ask media sellers to deliver a consistent definition of the consumers they want to reach regardless of the delivery medium.

Any Location Can Now Earn Ad Revenue from Any Device in The Same Way That Cable & Satellite Companies Earn Revenue in Showing Commercials-

Monetize Your Television, PC/Laptop, Mobile and Tablet Users.

Industries Served:

  • Hospitality- Hotels- Boutique, Brand-Wide, Independents.
  • Multi-Dwelling Units- Colleges, Apartments.
  • Hospitals – Healthcare, Retirement Homes.
  • Offices- Doctor, Dentist and other Healthcare Establishments

Supporting OTT Content from Online Subscription Networks:

OTT Subscription Services

Maintain Quality Channel Offerings from Cable & Satellite:

Access to Over The Air / Local Stations:

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